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August 29th, 2017: The Participation of the Director and the Deputy of the International Academic Collaboration Affairs in a joined-meeting with the administrators of the Faculty of Engineering

On August 29th 2017, The Office Director of the International Academic Collaboration Affairs, Dr. Hanachi and The Deputy, Dr. Javani, following the cooperation and invitation of the Head of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Bagheri Nejad, held a meeting with the head and the professors of the Department of Industries about the introduction and increase of the international activities. In those negotiations, the necessity of the international engagements and educational experiences in the university were proposed by the experts of the Collaboration Affairs office.

The members of the Department of Industries, welcoming performing the international activities, offered their valuable ideas and promised to hold English courses in the first semester of the 96-97 educational year for one group of freshmen and from among the volunteers.

In addition, consultations were obtained about the solutions for admission of international PhD students and the utilization of the capacities and high capabilities of the professors of the department to present the common plans and counseling and guiding students in foreign countries.

The experts of the International Academic Collaboration Affairs appreciate and thank the Head of the Engineering Faculty and the Director of the Department of Industries, Dr. Fattahi, for this invitation, the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Higher Education, Dr. Seif Barghi for his collaborations, and Dr. Saniee Monfared, Dr. Zanganeh and Dr. Esmaeili for specifying time and consultation, and wish them success.

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