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Australian delegation meets Alzahra University February 1st, 2016

Australian delegation meets Alzahra University  February 1st, 2016

A delegation from Macquarie University of Australia including Michele Robinson, Deputy of the International Relations and A’la Tani, Director of the Middle East Affairs met with Dr. Ensiyeh Khazali, the Chancellor of Alzahra University, and University officials on Monday February 1st, 2016. The aim of this visit was introducing the Macquarie University in order to increase research and academic collaborations between the two universities.

In this meeting both sides introduced their own university in order to find collaboration opportunities inn academic and research affairs. The Director of International Academic Collaborations Office of Alzahra University introduced the University by the facts and figures on the number of faculties, students, faculty members and the rank of Alzahra University among the Universities of Iran. The Chancellor of Alzahra University mentioned that Alzahra University has ranked 7 in H-index in humanities and added: “The articles published by Alzahra Faculty Members ranked 11th qualitatively and 14th quantitatively in Iran.” She also emphasized on the internationalization policy of the university and mentioned that the University officials would welcome any academic and research collaboration.

The Macquarie University is among two percent top universities of the world, top 10 university of Australia and top 40 universities of Asia and Pacific. This University has more than 1400 tenured faculty member and 36000 students in 5 different faculties. It was established 52 years ago and 150 thousand students have graduated from the University. It has ranked 4 based on the number of research papers published per faculty member.

In this meeting both universities tended toward organizing joint programs in the fields of IT, Engineering, and Mathematical Sciences in BS and MS and also refereeing and supervising thesis. 

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