Saturday 26 September 2020          


Please carefully read the following in order to make sure you meet the required qualifications:

·         Applicants must hold High School, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree certificate and transcript of each level to apply for Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate programs respectively.

·         The applicants' academic certificate and transcript, issued by the universities in the origin country, must be approved by either the Embassy of I.R. of Iran or official agencies of I.R. of Iran in the origin country and should be submitted along with valid Persian and English translations.

·         Those international applicants, who formerly studied in educational institutes of I.R. of Iran, are required to provide authorities with their previous graduation certificate to apply for higher levels.

·         The applicants are required to possess a non-Iranian valid passport and cannot have Iranian citizenship.

·         Applicants for Post-doctorate program should acquire supervisors' approval to proceed their application process.

·         In some certain fields of study (Arts and Physical Education), the applicants are required to pass special practical tests at discretion of related department and faculty members.

·         The programs are conducted in Persian and English and in case the students are not eligible, they will be introduced to AZFA in order to learn Persian language. The students are interviewed in English to ensure their qualification for attending the programs conducted in English. (IMPORTANT: In case of the programs conducted in languages other than Persian, the students are required to pass Persian language courses in the approved centers, simultaneous with their studies.)

·         The Master and Doctorate programs related to English, French, Arabic, and Russian languages are conducted in the specific language of each program.

Please be informed that you can always contact us through our contact information provided if there were any questions concerning the above qualifications.