Biological Sciences


Department of Biology, as a part of the faculty of Basic Science, founded in 1983 and Biology Teacher Training was the first program offered by this faculty; however, upon the division of Basic Sciences faculty into three independent faculties in 2014, the department of Biology respectively commenced working independent of other two faculties. Currently, Faculty of Biological Sciences is consisted of three departments of Botany and Plant Sciences, Biotechnology, and Microbiology. The faculty moreover offers fields of Microbial Biotechnology and Microbiology, Plant Sciences (with branches of Physiology, and Systematic Ecology), Biochemistry, and Biophysics.

Educational Department

-          Botany and Plant Sciences

-          Biotechnology

-          Microbiology


Research Areas

Our faculty members are actively in association with Iranian Biology Society, Iranian Society of Weed Science, and The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD). Besides the fact, the faculty is ready to financially support the majority of higher education researches which are based on students’ theses.


Research areas explored so far include:


·         Botany and Plant Sciences:

Ø  Plant tissue culture specially herb

Ø  Fluorine identification of different regional growth and molecular, biosystematics investigation of antioxidants and their effects

·         Microbiology

Ø  Helicobacter pylori

Ø  new diagnostic kits

Ø  Beneficial and Harmful Bacteria

Ø  Historic building erosion

·         Biotechnology

Ø  Enzyme activity experiment

Ø  Pigment extraction from different organism

Ø  Industrial fermentation

Ø  Green biotechnology

Ø  Bioinformatics

Ø  Gene Polymorphism



·         Laboratories

·         Herbarium

·         Research farm

·         Refrigerating room

·          TV sets

·         Video projectors

·         Other audio-visual educational aids

·         Computer Site

·         Assembly Hall



Field of Study




Biology: Biochemistry




Biology: Biophysics




Molecular Cell Biology in Biotechnology




Molecular Cell Biology in Microbiology




Biological Biotechnology




Microbiological Biotechnology









Plant Sciences




Plant Sciences (Systematic Ecology)




Plant Sciences (Physiology)