In 1965, the Higher Institute for Girls offered Fashion Design as a new field of study that formed the primary foundation of Arts Faculty. One year later, some other courses were offered to the university female applicants like Textile Recognition, Dyeing, Cloth-weaving, Tailoring, Handicrafts, Decorative Arts, Drawing, Painting, and Textile Printing under the name of "Home Economics" as a new field of study. Further and after the foundation of the Faculty of Arts, it started to admit students in new field of Arts, Internal Design, Drawing, and Tailoring independently. The process continued until 1980, before being interrupted by the beginning of the Cultural Revolution in Iran. However, the faculty adopted new policies after the Cultural Revolution and pioneered in reopening doors to the students in 1982. In these years new fields of studies have been placed into the faculty programs including Painting, Handicrafts and Graphics Design.

Educational departments:

·         Graphics Design (Visual Communication)

·         Handicrafts

·         Textile and Fashion Design

·         Industrial Design

·         Painting

·         Art Research

·         Book Illustration and Miniature


·         Specialized studios for Industrial Design, Handicrafts,  Textile Design, Fashion Design

·          Dyeing Specialized Laboratory

·         Photography lab

·         Art gallery

·         Conference hall

·         Library

·         Computer site


The journal of Jelve-y-Honar (Glory of Arts)


Field of Study




Book Illustration and Miniature




Visual Communication (Graphic Design)












Textile Design




Fashion Design




Textile and Fashion Design




Industrial Design




Art Research