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Entries for January 2017

Abstract: The Jean Monnet Webinar will be held on Monday 30th January at 10:00 am Brussels time; corresponding to 12:30 Tehran time, via the following web-link:. This Webinar that is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software hopes t... more...»
Alzahra University becomes Association of Universities of Asia and Pacific (AUAP) member (January 9th, 2016)
Abstract: With the efforts made by International academic Collaborations office (IAC), Alzahra University has made member of Association of Universities of Asia and Pacific (AUAP) since 2017. The first steps were discussed in Thailand by Dr. Parichehr Hanachi, the director of IAC during the 15th General Conference of International Association of Universities... more...»
Happy New Year;
Abstract: International Academic Collaborations wishes a happy new year for all international students and professors of Alzahra University.
Prof. Abdul-Mahdi Riazi Presents Educational and Research Seminar in Alzahra University (January 1st, 2017)
Abstract: The Department of Educational Sciences of Education and Psychology Faculty, in cooperation with International Academic Collaborations office and Vice-Chancellery of Research and Technology of Alzahra University held seventh seminar of series of cultural and higher education programs on Sunday, January 1st, 2017. This program was a research seminar... more...»