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Entries for Oc12:00 AMober 2015

Expanding Collaborations between Waseda and Alzahra Universities
Abstract: The delegates of Japanese of University of Waseda visited Alzahra University on the last days of summer and had a meeting with the university officials to sign a memorandum of understanding between two universities. Dean of Organization for Islamic Area Studies, Dr. Sakurai; Mikkio Shimaoka from the Center for Research Strategy and coordinator of I... more...»
Representatives of Humboldt Foundation in Alzahra University  13 September 2015
Abstract: Dr. Thomas Hesse, Deputy Secretary General of the Humboldt Foundation and Dr. Daniela Kneissl, Head of Africa and Middle East Division met with Alzahra University officials to introduce different sponsorships offered to highly-qualified scientists and scholars worldwide. In addition to Alzahra University president, director of International Academi... more...»
Scientific Associations won prizes in the eighth National Festival of Harkat
Abstract: The eighth National Festival of Harkat was held on Monday October 10th 2015 in Mashhad Ferdowsi University. In this festival these Scientific-Student Associations were appreciated: ·         Educational Psychology in Journals ·         Research Art in Re... more...»
8th International Festival of Research & Innovation on Urban Management  (Tehran International Award)  December 14- 15, 2015, Tehran, Iran
Abstract: It is our great pleasure to invite you to contribute research works to the “8thInternational Festival of Research & Innovation on Urban Management” that is held by Tehran Urban Planning & Research Center annually. It calls for papers from all academic disciplines and thematic areas to reflect critically on the current dynamics i... more...»