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Entries for NoveNovember 1ber 2017

Holding training workshop on 2020 Horizon of European commission at Alzahra university (11/26/2017)
Abstract: A 2-day workshop with the subject of introducing future perspective facilities 2020 of European commission was held on 26th and 27th of November 2017 in Center of International Conferences at Alzahra University. Two of managers and experts of European commission: Dr. George Bonas and Liane Lewerentz proceeded to introduce the aims, facilities, met... more...»
Visiting of the head of the Women Research Center of Alzahra university with the president of Duzce University in Turkey.
Abstract: Dr. Zohre Khosravi, the head of Women Research Center of Alzahra University travelled to Turkey by the means of attendance and presenting a paper in the first international immigration conference 23_25 November, 2017 and she also had a meeting on Thursday 23rd November, 2017 with Dr. Demircan Cakar, Chancellor of Duzce University with the aim of ex... more...»
Holding Virtual Courses in Persian in AZFA center of Al-Zahra University
Abstract: Alzahra University International Center for Teaching Persian (ICTP) is holding virtual classes for those students who have difficulty or who are interested to learn Persian Language. The first virtual class for Persian Language was held successfully on 2017.6.6 in the presence of 2 language experts from Iraq. These courses have been started to help... more...»
Presentation of Alzahra University's Article at the International Conference on Creativity and Innovation - Strasbourg, France
Abstract: Dr. Mansour Hesami Kermani, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Arts, Alzahra University, in order to pass his sabbatical at the University of Strasbourg in France, participated in the International Study on "Scientific and Cultural Innovation and Creativity in International Collaboration", co-organized by three universities of Strasbourg, Freibu... more...»
The Attendance of Faculty Member of Russian Language Department of Alzahra University in International Scientific Conference “Iran and Russia-5 Centuries of Cooperation" In Moscow
Abstract: The second international conference "Iran and Russia-5 Centuries of Cooperation" was held on 15th November 2017 in the Governmental Archive of Social and Political Russia History in Moscow. An Iranian delegation accompanied by Seyed Kazem Sajadpoor, the head of Education and Research Center of ministry of Foreign Affairs as the head of the delegati... more...»
Participation of International Students of Alzahra University in "Nehzat-e Hosseini" at Tehran University, on Wednesday (2017/Nov/15)
Abstract: International students of Alzahra University participated on Wednesday, 15th of November, 2017, in the commemoration ceremony of the great Prophet and Nehzat-e- Hosseini, especially for foreign students who were represented by the Supreme Leader in universities at the Allame Amini Hall of University of Tehran. In this ceremony, while referring to ... more...»
South African Minister of Education Delivers a Speech at Alzahra University: (November 12th, 2017)
Abstract: Dr. Naledi Pandor, South African Minister of Education, delivered a speech at Alzahra University on Sunday November 12th, 2017. In this session Dr. Hossein Salar Amoli, Acting Minister for International Scientific Cooperation; Dr. Mahnaz Mollanazari, the Chancellor of Alzahra University; senior officials and faculty members and International Relati... more...»
Presence of Director of Alzahra University International Academic Collaboration Affairs in the “Third International Conference of Association of Iran and Arab Universities”
Abstract:  The Third International Conference of Association of Iran and Arab universities was held on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 in Tunisia's capital in the presence of 20 Iranian and Arabic members. The importance of scientific cooperation between Iran and Arabic countries, including opportunities and challenges proceeding scientific cooperation an... more...»
Holding Short Intensive Course of “Main currents of Thought in Shiite” at Potsdam University; (October 25th – November 9th, 2017)
Abstract: Dr. Hojjatollah Javani, the deputy to the director of International Academic Collaboration Affairs of Alzahra University and the Faculty Member of Theology Faculty held a short intensive course on “Main currents of Thought in Shiite” at Potsdam University, the Philosophy Faculty for 24 hours of class. This course was based on the agreem... more...»
Hawaii University Professor Spends Sabbaticals at Alzahra University
Abstract: Hamid Pourjalali is a non-resident Iranian professor and Head of Accounting College at Hawaii University, Moana, with the help of professionals and non-resident Iranian Scientist Alzahra University is progressing day by day in the field of research. Dr. Ali Rahmani who is the Vice-Chancellor of Financial Affairs and member of Social Sciences and Ec... more...»
Attendance of Three Alzahra University Faculty Members in the “Congress of Women Poet and Author in Contemporary Literature of Iran and Turkey” in Ankara
Abstract: Commission of Language and Literature Professors of Persian Language of Alzahra University participated in some conferences with the aim of considering role of poet and author women in contemporary literature of Iran and Turkey on 1 and 2 November in 2017 in Ankara. Dr. Mahboobeh Mobasheri, Dr. Maryam Hosseini and Dr. Mahin Panahi, were three memb... more...»