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Entries for DeceDecember 1ber 2017

Report on a Specialized Seminar on “Industrial Design” and “Video Communication” (2017/Dec/24)
Abstract: Specialized seminar about industrial design and video communication was held with International Academic Collaboration of Alzahra University on Sunday, 24th December, 2017 from 9:30 am to 12 AM at Dr. A'la Tourani Hall, Alzahra University. Speakers of this seminar were Dr. Elham Morshedzade, instructor of industrial design and Mr. Jeff Joiner, inst... more...»
Visit of Women Educational Group from Syria to Alzahra University (2017/12/23).
Abstract: A delegation consisting of 36 educational and academic women from Syria had a meeting with a group of representative faculty members at Alzahra University on Saturday, 8th of November, 2017. This meeting was held in the presence of faculty members of Alzahra University at Hafez Hall including Dr. Navarchi, Head of Chancellor’s Office and Publ... more...»
Manipal Educational Services Institute Meets the Chancellor of Alzahra University (Dec. 18th, 2017)
Abstract: Following the meeting held in International Academic Collaborations’ (IAC) office at Alzahra University on December 12th, 2017; the Manipal Educational Services Institute met Dr. Mahnaz Mollanazari, the Chancellor of Alzahra University; and some officials on Monday December 18th, 2017. The guests include Mir Asghar Hussein, the head of corpor... more...»
Visit of Two Faculty Members and Post-Doc Researcher of the Faculty of Education and Psychology of Alzahra University to Malaysia (7 - 14 Dec, 2017)
Abstract: Faculty members from Management and Educational Planning, Dr. Maryam Banahan Ghomi and Dr. Hoda Sadat Hosseini, including Post-Doc Researcher, Dr. Khodabandehlou, supported by the International Academic Collaboration Affairs of Alzahra University (IAC) on 7th to 14th of Dec, 2017 travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in order to attend the Internati... more...»
Presence of Alzahra University in Gathering of Representatives of Scientific- Technological Parks and Chosen Universities of Country in International Exhibition of Tehran(2017/Dec/15)
Abstract: Gathering of representatives of scientific-technological parks and chosen universities of country was held on Friday 15th of December, 2017 in Tehran International Exhibition Center with presence of Dr. Boroumand, research deputy of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT); Dr. Piri, scientific manager of MSRT, representatives of some of... more...»
Visit of 2 faculty members of Modart University of France from the Faculty of Arts of Alzahra University.
Abstract: Two fashion and textile design professors from the Fashion Arts Association of France met at the Faculty of Art, Alzahra on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2017, and they visited the department and had a meeting with the university's officials. The delegation, invited by Dr. Ensieh Zahedi in order to strengthen the university and industry communication b... more...»
Expert Meeting of International Students Attended by Iranian Scientific Attaché in India at Alzahra University (2017/Dec/12)
Abstract: Dr. Mohammad Reza Khalili, Scientific Attaché in India, along with two of the experts of the Indian Manipal Institute of Academic Exchanges, met with Alzahra University’s officials on the morning of Tuesday, 12th of Dec, 2017 at Alzahra University International Academic Collaboration Office. In this meeting Dr. Parichehr Hanachi Direct... more...»
The presence of Dr. Saeedeh Dastamooz in the Russian Language Professors' Association at the Pushkin Russian State Language Institute
Abstract: The ceremony- entitled "Russian Language: Training. Communication and Cooperation" at the Russian State Language Institute – performed in Pushkin Moscow. Russia's professors, especially members of the network, are present at the university from around the globe. Dr. Saeedeh Dastamooz, director of the Russian language department at Alzahra U... more...»
Management Delegate of “Pushkin State Russian Language Institute” Meets with Officials of Alzahra University.
Abstract: Following the inauguration of the examination and education center of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute in Alzahra university, Dr. Victoria Mikhaillovna Kostieva, the adviser and official delegate of the institute manager met Dr. Mollanazari, the Chancellor of Alzahra University on Sunday, December 3 ,2017 in the Chancellor’s office. ... more...»
Meeting of the Adviser of the Head of the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute with the Chancellor of Alzahra University (2017/Dec/3)
Abstract: Dr. Viktoria M. Kosteva, a consultant and official representative of the president of the Pushkin Institute, met at the headquarters of the Alzahra University officials with Dr. Mollanazari, Chancellor of the university, on 12th of December, 2017; after the opening of the Center for Training and Testing of the Russian Language Institute of Pushkin ... more...»