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Entries for February 2016

Dr. Farhang Adamiat meets with the director and deputy to the director of IAC
Abstract: Dr. Amir Farhang Adamiat, manager of facilitation of international education office, had a meeting with director and deputy to the director of Alzahra "International Academic Collaborations Office", on February 22th, 2016 and they talked about introduction of international academic events. He, with emphasis on special characteristic of Al-Zahra Uni... more...»
One day picnic to Daraka
Abstract: One day picnic for international students of Alzahra University was held by suggestion of the              "International Academic Collaborations Office" and earnest cooperation of "Social & Cultural Vice-Chancellery" on Wednesday February 16th, 2016. There were 15 of internationa... more...»
Australian delegation meets Alzahra University  February 1st, 2016
Abstract: A delegation from Macquarie University of Australia including Michele Robinson, Deputy of the International Relations and A’la Tani, Director of the Middle East Affairs met with Dr. Ensiyeh Khazali, the Chancellor of Alzahra University, and University officials on Monday February 1st, 2016. The aim of this visit was introducing the Macquarie ... more...»