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Entries for 2ay 2016

French Delegation Visits Alzahra University
Abstract: A delegation from French Higher Education visited Alzahra University on Tuesday May 31st, 2016. Professor Jacques Comby, the Head of the Delegation and the President of Jean Moulin University and the representative of the French University Presidents Conference; Professor Marc Renner the director of Institut National des Sciences Appliquées ... more...»
Alzahra University Participated In the Sixth Annual Conference of Caucasus University Association
Abstract: The sixth annual congress of Caucasus University Association hosted by Kyrgyz Manas University on May 30th, 2016, sponsored by presidency of Turkish Republic Cooperation Organization. The main objective of the congress was to revive the ancient Silk Route in the Caucasus Region. The Association member University presidents from 15 countries includi... more...»
Turkish Delegation Visit Alzahra University
Abstract: A delegation from some universities of Turkey and Azerbaijan visited Alzahra University on May 28th, 2016. They met with the Chancellor of the University, the Director of International Academic Collaborations (IAC), the Head of Higher Education and representatives of Deans of Faculties. In this meeting Dr. Tavasoli from Social Sciences and Economic... more...»
Alzahra University Participation in the Fourteenth Commemoration Ceremony and Ninth International students’ Nations’ Festival
Abstract: The Fourteenth Commemoration Ceremony of Graduates and the Ninth Foreign Students’ Nations’ Cultural Festival hosted by Bu-Ali Sina University of Hamedan was held on May 19th, 2016. Alzahra University participated in the ceremony and festival by sending out Khadije Farahi, the Afghan postgraduate student of Visual Communication from Alz... more...»
Deputy Head of the Mission of Japan Embassy Meets with Alzahra University Chancellor
Abstract: Deputy Head of the Mission and Third Secretary of Japan Embassy met with the Chancellor of Alzahra University on May 16th, 2016 in Alzahra University. In this meeting Dr. Atrkar Roshan, Vice-Chancellor in Students Affairs; Dr. Khademi, Vice-Chancellor in Social-Cultural Affairs; and Dr. Mehran, faculty member of Educational Sciences and Psychology ... more...»
International Quran Qaris visit Alzahra University
Abstract: A delegation of international Quran Qaris visited Alzahra University on Monday, May 16th, 2016. The delegation said their prayers in the University Mosque, Fatima Zahra, where Hojjat al-Islam Khanbeigi welcomed them by an exemplum of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad; that: “Quran carriers are at the mercy of God and they clothe light”. T... more...»
Alzahra University hosting the national exhibition:
Abstract: Hosting the national exhibition – cultures and traditions- , Alzahra University presented cultural, traditional, costumes and national aspects of other nations. The program was held by foreign students of Alzahra University while wearing their traditional costumes. In the stalls, traditional costumes, artifacts, pictures of historical and cu... more...»
The first ceremony of Nations’ day held in Alzahra University / May 11 2016
Abstract: The ceremony of the nations’ day was held on May 11 in Alzahra University with the presence of Dr.  “Salar Amoli” the vice – chancellor to the minister of Science, Research and Technology and the head of the International Academic Collaborations of Ministry of  Science, Research and Technology  and Dr. Haj Jab... more...»