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Entries for 2ay 2017

Research Landscape in Germany- DAAD Conference – Alzahra University – May 24th  2017
Abstract: Following Alzahra University’s Chancellor; Dr. Mahnaz Mollanazari’s journey to Germany along with some of the Chancellors of Tehran Universities, International Academic Collaborations Affairs of Alzahra University held a one-day conference entitled “Research Landscape in Germany- DAAD” in order to introduce the facilities an... more...»
Abstract: Dr. Laurent Criquet, the French embassy's cultural attaché in Tehran, on Wednesday morning May 24, 2017 had met with Dr. Parichehr Hanachi, the Director of International Academic Collaborations of Alzahra University concerning the operating of undersigned agreements with France in the International Academic Collaborations’ office of Al... more...»
Alzahra University's international students visit Qazzali cinematic collection and Khalij Fars Lake: (May 18th ,2017)
Abstract: By endeavor and supervision of the director of International Academic Collaboration of Alzahra University, the international students went on an excursion, on Thursday May 18th, 2017, who are members of the Nations’ Society of Alzahra University from Nigeria, Syria, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan countries, visited Qazzali cinematic collection an... more...»
Executing A Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Pushkin Russian Language Training Institute:
Abstract:   A memorandum of understanding about the collaborations between Alzahra University and Pushkin Institute, with efforts made by Dr. Hanachi (the director of International Academic Collaborations Affairs) and Dr. Dastamooz (the director of Russian Language Department of Literature Faculty), was signed in May, 2017. According to this MoU, Alz... more...»
Alzahra’s International Students’ Meeting with Officials – Sunday May 14th, 2017
Abstract: Director of International Academic Collaborations Affairs and Non-Iranian Students’ Supervisor at Alzahra University held the second meeting of the International Students of Alzahra University with the Chancellor and Vice-chancellors of the University on Sunday 14th of May.  This meeting was regarding problems and issues of International... more...»
Algerian professor met Alzahra University chancellor and officials (10.may.2017):
Abstract: The director of Chancellors Office and Public Relations of Algerian University met with, Chancellor; the director of International Academic Collaboration Affairs and officials on Wednesday, 10th of May, 2017. In the beginning, Dr. Hanachi gave a brief introduction about Alzahra university and then the introductory movie of university in Arabic lan... more...»
International Peace Festival Was Held in Alzahra University, on Sunday and Monday,7th and 8th of May, 2017:
Abstract: Nation’s Society of Alzahra University, whose members are Alzahra University international students, with support of international academic collaboration affairs and Vice-Chancellery of Cultural and Social Affairs of university, set up the booths of “culture of nations “exhibition along with peace festival. The students of some ... more...»