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French Cultural Attaché Meets with Alzahra University's Director of International Academic Collaborations:(May 24,2017)

Dr. Laurent Criquet, the French embassy's cultural attaché in Tehran, on Wednesday morning May 24, 2017 had met with Dr. Parichehr Hanachi, the Director of International Academic Collaborations of Alzahra University concerning the operating of undersigned agreements with France in the International Academic Collaborations’ office of Alzahra University.

The discussion was about holding the second international translation of French language conference in Alzahra University which the eminent translators of the world, professors and students of French language translating of Iran were invited in. This visit was held by tuning and presence of Dr. Mohammad Rahim Ahmadi the director of French Language Department of Alzahra University.

The second International Translation of French Language Conference in Alzahra University will be held on November the 12-13th, 2017 in the international conferences center of Alzahra University. Also, the academic subordinate workshops and specialized sessions for young translators will be held. Thus, the international managers and directors of some important France's universities will be the gusts of this conference.

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