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UNESCO National Commission Secretary General meets IAC

UNESCO National Commission Secretary General meets IAC

Dr. Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi, UNESCO National Commission Secretary General –Iran, and Dr. Mahnam, Head of the Social and Cultural Department of Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, took part in the meeting session of Alzahra University International Academic Cooperation on Sunday, January 11, 2015. This meeting was attended by Dr. Khazali, President of Alzahra University, Dr. Marandi, Director of International Academic Cooperation of Alzahra University, alongside vice-chancellors of the University, Research vice-chancellors, and the delegate of universities at first, Dr. Khazali talked about the importance of cooperation between UNESCO and Alzahra University. She mentioned that the particular emphasis of UNESCO on girls and women education and solving social problems of children and adolescents could prepare the ground for fostering cooperation between UNESCO and Alzahra University.

Dr. Marandi also emphasized on expanding relations in international domains and mentioned that Alzahra University, as a women only comprehensive university, can provide a good model for reflecting viewpoints of Islam and Islamic Republic of Iran about women education. She added that UNESCO can play an influential role in highlighting the position of Alzahra University. 

Dr. Saeidabadi, while mentioning a number of UNESCO actions in case of global peace and development, referred to some grounds for fostering UNESCO-Alzahra University cooperation. He made some suggestions, like nominating years and days globally, running workshops for empowering girls, forming UNESCO university chairs for women, awarding national prize to scientific women sponsored by UNESCO, etc. .

It should be mentioned that Ms. Limouchi, Dean of Alzahra University Physical Education Faculty and member of National Physical Education and Sports Commission of UNESCO-Iran, emphasized on active participation in sport events organized by UNESCO, and stated that Alzahra University is ready to host such sport events and sport can be a ground for further cooperation. Other attendees made further suggestions for fostering cooperation between Alzahra University and UNESCO. It was arranged that the grounds for cooperation and operationalization of the suggestions would be explored.

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  • UNESCO National Commission Secretary General meets IAC

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