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South Africa ambassador meets the director of IAC

South Africa ambassador meets the director of IAC

Mr. Whitehead, South Africa ambassador to Iran met with Dr. Marandi on February 15, 2015 in the office of International Academic Collaborations. The aim of this meeting was to find the appropriate capacities for academic exchanges in order to be proposed in the joint committee of two countries in March 2015.
At the beginning of this meeting Dr. Marandi welcomed the guest and subsequently gave an introduction about the Alzahra University. She referred to the 50th anniversary of university in 2015, and continued: “Alzahra is the only comprehensive state university for females in Iran and currently has about 10000 students who are studying in under-graduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs of 10 different faculties….Two thirds of faculty members are women,” she said. Subsequently, she emphasized the willingness and support of the university chancellor to collaborate with foreign academic centers, especially African universities.

South Africa ambassador who is spending the third year of presence in Iran, pointed to the common concerns of both South African and Iranian societies, and added: “The University of Cape Town as one of the top rank African universities is a proper choice to collaborate with Iranian universities.” In addition he suggested dispatching 10000 African female students to Tehran in order to learn Persian language, and also proposed faculty and student exchange in Master’s and PhD programs, particularly in the fields of Physics and Mathematics.

As the last point, he also mentioned to the joint meeting of two countries on March 14th and 15th 2015 and continued: “We are to discover and suggest possible grounds of academic collaborations in the upcoming meeting.” At the end of this meeting, the Director of International Academic Collaboration, also welcomed the suggestions and expressed her hopes for required measures to be taken in order to pave the way for the admittance of African female students in Teaching Persian programs, and offering faculty and student exchange between two countries.

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  • South Africa ambassador meets the director of IAC

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