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Expanding Educational Cooperation with France

Expanding Educational Cooperation with France

In response to an invitation of the French language department, Laurent Criquet, the attaché for Language Education Cooperation, embassy of France, visited Alzahra University and attended the meeting with university officials, professors and students of French language.

After initial introductions and welcome to the guests, Dr. Ahmadi, dean of French Language and Translation department, talked about the quality and quantity of the developments his department has made during fifty years of experience and also referred to the plans for expanding international academic collaborations by providing exchange programs for professors and students. According to Ahmadi, Alzahra University is a sister university to some of prestigious universities in France and the French department of this university is going to provide PhD programs for different fields of literature, translation, and teaching of French in near future.

In this meeting, Mr. Criquet also talked about the prospect of collaborations and supports that can be provided by the cultural section of French Embassy. Attendees in meeting, students, and professors subsequently discussed the various aspects and issues around teaching of French. At the end of this meeting 114 books were donated to Alzahra University by the Embassy of France.

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  • Expanding Educational Cooperation with France

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