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Alzahra Faculty Member Attends Scientific Leadership Program in Paris

Alzahra Faculty Member Attends Scientific Leadership Program in Paris

Dr. Mohammad Rahim Ahmadi, the Associate Professor of French Literature and Translation department of Alzahra University, was awarded a scholarship from International Federation of French Teachers (FIPF) to participate in Scientific Leadership program in France, April 12-19, 2015, hosted by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP). Ahmadi, who is also the director of Iranian Association of French Language and Literature, attended in this program along with other French language instructors from Japan, China, Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Uganda, Spain, Algeria, Portugal, South Africa, England, and Sweden.

Discussing managerial issues, which are one of the two main goals of this program, offered courses including leadership of a scientific community (legal and administrative aspects); leadership of a group (meetings and community assemblies’ management); group management (relations among community members); workshops (developing short/long-term plans for communities), and community management (financial aspects).

The scientific aspects of management and leadership were the other concern of the program developers. The courses presented in this field included: teaching writing workshop, creative teaching (applying distant and visual learning), teaching methodologies (using Internet sources like, communication strategies to improve learning, and methodologies of teaching French (educational magazine of Le Français dans le monde was introduced). The participant also received a report from the activities of Institute français, whose main concern is to support and develope bilingual teaching. Teaching of French as a foriegn language, oral and visual teaching and learning, teacher training courses, and teaching French interpretation were also among the other issues discussed in the scientific section of this program.

The other achievement of this occasion was the arrangement of a platform for ultimate purposes of FIPF. The attendees also visited The Louvre and French National Parliament at the sidelines of the program. All participants received the Certificate of Attendance.  

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  • Alzahra Faculty Member Attends Scientific Leadership Program in Paris

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