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UOK Researcher in Alzahra University

UOK Researcher in Alzahra University

Sana Altaf, PhD candidate of Theology at the Centre of Central Asian Studies, University of Kashmir (UOK), met with dean of Women and Family Studies, Dr. Mohammad Ali Bagheri, at Social Sciences and Economics Faculty of Alzahra University on May 4th, 2015. Altaf, who has been granted a 20-day sabbatical by Center of Scientific and Academic Collaboration in Islamic Culture Relations Organization, Iran, is currently working on collecting data for her research about the higher education of women.

In this meeting Dr Bagheri provided an overview of the different ways to access some important databases like The Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and documentation center of Sociocultural Council of Women, which both contain the most comprehensive information, including upstream documents, statistics, and results of various studies conducted in this field.

A revised version of MS Altaf designed questionnaire by Dr. Bagheri, also filled out by some of the students at Alzahra University.

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  • UOK Researcher in Alzahra University

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