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KUNIB Representative Meets Alzahra University

KUNIB Representative Meets Alzahra University

In an invitation made by Alzahra University, Dr. Ghadir Golkarian, the representative of Caucasus University Association (KUNIB) visited Alzahra University and met with the Chancellor, Dr. Ensieh Khazali, and officials on Tuesday August 16th, 2016. Alzahra University has joined KUNIB in 2015 and has made great effort in introducing higher education of women to the Middle East countries and Turkey.

During this meeting both parties discussed terms of holding the 3rd National and 2nd International Conference on “Women Role in Family and Society Health”. The above mentioned conference will be held under 5 main topics in April 2017 in Alzahra University. The secretariat of this international conference will be established simultaneously in Alzahra University and KUNIB.

Dr. Khazali, the Chancellor, requested executing the MoU between Alzahra University and Mevlana exchange students and professor program. She mentioned that the University is prepared to admit international students from all the universities in this association. It was also decided that introductory brochure of the University to be published in Persian, English, Russian and Turkish and be prepared for the secretariat to use.

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  • KUNIB Representative Meets Alzahra University

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