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Lebanese Delegation Meets Alzahra University Officials (October 2nd, 2016)

Five Lebanese journalists from Al-Manar, Al-Mayadeen, OTV and LBC Television Networks visited Alzahra University on Monday October 2nd, 2016. This meeting was attended by Dr. Hanachi, the director of International Academic Collaborations; Dr. Khademi, the Vice-Chancellor of Cultural and Social Affairs, Dr. Farid, director of Arab Literature department and Dr. Meshkinfam, Arab Literature Faculty Member.

In this meeting Dr. Hanachi made a brief introduction about the University as the comprehensive women only university of Iran with more than 50 years of research and educational experience, the International Day, and scholarships and it was accompanied by the introductory movie of the university. She represented the Women Studies Department as the best one and Physical Education Faculty as one of the especial faculties because of its trainers who are all women. She also introduced International Center for Teaching Persian (ICTP).

Dr. Khademi introduced the Vice-Chancellery of Cultural and Social Affairs along with cultural activities of the students; 50 students’ journals and students’ societies, and cultural-student camps. She suggested participating in cultural and sport festivals, students’ trips and joint scientific-students societies which will help students learn more about each other’s cultures.

Dr. Meshkinfam answered the question of the reasons behind only girls choosing this university mentioned that the university’s campus is dedicated to girls’ higher education.

Dr. Hanachi answered the question of job placements after graduation of the students mentioned that alumni association of Alzahra University is in touch with the alumni continuously.

At the end of the session Dr. Hanachi introduced Telegram Channels in many different languages and the email of the University or further communications.

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