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Inauguration of 3rd International Conference of Solar Energy

Inauguration of 3rd International Conference of Solar Energy

The third international conference of solar energy was opened in the University of Tehran on Monday, September 5th, 2016. This conference is being hold under cooperation of the University of Tehran and Alzahra University. In the opening ceremony of this conference, Dr. Khazali, the chancellor of Alzahra University and Dr. Chitchian, the minister of energy were also present. Dr. Khazali mentioned: “Iran is a potential country in solar energy and Alzahra University is supplying its research energy from solar energy. This issue can be considered from economic, social, environmental, security and Cultural point of view and the government should approve the bylaw of utilization of renewal energy. We will face many problems regarding efficiency of solar energy because 93% of the electricity is supplied from Fossil Fuels and this shows that we will face many problems when these fuels are burnt out. We are supposed to move towards renewal energy.”

Engineer Chitchian, minister of energy, also mentioned: “Renewal energies are among the important topics of country’s development plans of general policy. In the fifth development program, it is expected that 5000 Megawatt wind and solar power plants be installed in the country. This renewal energy is a very important and new worldwide issue and it shows that in recent future it will be used as the main source of energy in the whole world. If we count social and environmental expenses, wind and solar energy will cost less.

Simultaneous with this conference, two of the Iranian professors of Portugal and Cyprus Universities met with the Chancellor of Alzahra University. Scientific-Research cooperation; technological, equipment, laboratory technical knowledge transfer on the renewal energy, especially solar energy, holding interdisciplinary courses on the technical, energy architecture, environment grounds in higher education and holding joint conferences on energy were among the agreed topics in this meeting.

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  • Inauguration of 3rd International Conference of Solar Energy

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