International Academic Collaborations office (IAC), as the coordinator of relations between Alzahra University and international community and Administrator of International Students is mainly responsible for

Ø  Correspondence, communication, and collaboration with foreign universities and academic centers

Ø  Coordinating plans for the visit of academic and official delegations and dispatch of official representatives to other universities in order to attend meetings and conferences

Ø  Collaboration with university faculties and departments to hold international academic seminars, congresses, and conferences

Ø  The affairs of scholarships, sabbaticals, and faculty travels for academic events

Ø  Preparing the grounds for the collaboration of Iranian scholars in abroad with Alzahra University

Ø  International students, professors, and researchers affairs

Ø  Making connections between units and faculty affiliated to Alzahra University and faculty and international academic forums and scholars

Ø  Preparing Memoranda of Understanding and agreements to be signed in the scientific and cultural areas between Alzahra and international universities

Ø  Announcement of call for papers for international seminars, conferences, workshops, scholarships, and intensive/extensive training courses

Ø  Alzahra University membership in the international organizations and academic centers