Engineering & Technology


 The faculty of Engineering and Technology was established in 1994 and, one year later; it was opened officially by offering Industrial Engineering program (the branch of Systems Planning and Analysis) to female applicants. During the years of 1997 to 2013, new programs and degrees in the fields of IT, Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering were offered to students as well.  

 Genuine attempts of faculty during the recent years, to provide suitable educational grounds for students, through providing required educational aids and laboratory equipment High admission rate of graduate alumni  at higher education programs, besides winning prizes in academic competitions and academic-research achievements are clear manifestation of the faculty accomplishments.


·         Specialized library

·         Study room

·         Computer site

·         Workshop complex (for practical courses of Metallurgy, Machineware, Modeling, Welding, Industrial Drafting, and Electronics)

·         Hardware laboratories including Computer Architecture, Electronic Circuits, Logical Circuits, Microprocessors, Operating Systems

·         Databases

·         Conference room

·         Civil Engineering laboratory

·         Mechanical Engineering laboratory

·         Electronic Engineering laboratory





Field of Study




Computer Engineering (Software)




Computer Engineering (Information Technology)




Computer Engineering (Artificial Intelligence)




Electrical Engineering




Mechanical Engineering




Civil Engineering




Industrial Engineering: Industries




Energy Systems Engineering