Physical Education Faculty


Physical Education program was offered in Alzahra University with the foundation of Higher Education Institute for Girls in 1964. The courses further were expanded upon the construction of physical education building, sports gym, and swimming pool during four years since 1965. The faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences was established in 1994 with two fields of Physical Education and PE Teacher Training. It was in 1996 that Alzahra University faculty of Physical Education started admitting students for the field of Disabled Sports that was the only unit offering this field until 2005. In 2003, the first Master's degree program in Exercise Physiology was established with three fields of Exercise Physiology (Applied and Pure branches), Motor Behavior (Motor learning and Control branches), and Sport Management (Organizational Management and Facility Management).

Faculty strengths:

         Unisex educational system

         Publishing various research papers in local and foreign journals

         Active participation of academic members in national and international conferences

         Editing and translating sports books by academic members

         Benefit from experts for transferring the experience of other countries

         Cooperation with the bureau  of Physical Education in Science, Research, and Technology Ministry

         Central, and University Physical Education Center for sending university students to national and international competitions

         Expanding domains of education and research

         Establishing grounds for women championship at national and international levels
• Adapting sports education with international rules and regulations along with observing Islamic principles



·         Two multi-purpose sports hall

·         Laboratory of Sports Physiology

·         Laboratory of Motor Behavior

·         Assembly hall

·         Swimming pool

·         Computer site

·         Specialized Library with more than 1900 books in Persian and Latin



·         Journal of Research in Motor Behavior


Fields of Study



PE and Sports Sciences, Motor Behaviour

PE and Sports Sciences, Sports Physiology         



PE and Sports Sciences, Sports Management



PE and Sports Sciences, Biological Sciences



PE and Sports Sciences, Humanities



Motor Behavior, Motor Learning and Control



Motor Behavior, Motor development



Sports Physiology, Applied Sports Physiology



Sports Physiology, Pure Sports Physiology



Sports Management, Sport Facility Management



Sports Management, Sports Marketing