Why Study at Alzahra?

These are some of the reasons to choose Alzahra University as your next study adventure

·  Alzahra is the only university in the country exclusive for women that provide opportunities for talented women to study in a vibrant and closely-knit environment.

·  Alzahra University ranks among the 40 top universities of Iran, except medicine, and it offers many study programs in different fields of study in Humanities, Basic Sciences, Arts, and Engineering.

·  Currently about 50 female international students are studying in Alzahra University form Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

·  By studying at Alzahra University you can learn Persian language in the Alzahra Center of Teaching Persian Language to non-Persian Speakers.

·   Geographically speaking, Alzahra University is located in the heart of the capital and has a very quick access to many universities, cultural centers, cinemas, theaters, medical centers, and restaurants.

·   You can spend may hours inside the university without feeling the need to leave it because the campus of Alzahra

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