•         Who is considered a non-Iranian student?

       Any student who possesses non-Iranian passport and enters the country with the Student Visa

  •         What is the application process?

     Please visit to IAC office website >> International Admission >> How to apply

  •          What are the academic eligibility requirements for non-Iranian students?

    Please visit to IAC office website >> International Admission >> Qualifications

  •         What are the Persian proficiency requirements for non-Iranian students?

    International students are required to have an acceptable command of Persian Language to register for the programs, and hold a certificate issued by any of the Persian language centers approved by the Alzahra University Council of Education and Graduate Programs, such as Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute, Persian Language Teaching Center of Imam Khomeini International University, or the Center of Teaching Persian Language to non-Persian Speakers (AFZA). Otherwise they are required to pass Persian language courses before they start the programs or simultaneously.

  •         Are there any courses offered in English?

     Yes, these programs soon will be added in the list of our programs.

  •          When do the classes start?

    Please visit to IAC website >> Academic Calendar

  •          Can I translate my educational records by myself?

    Your educational documents should be submitted along with an official Persian and English translations approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  •         Do you offer financial assistance for non-Iranian students?

   Non-scholarship International students are not supported financially by Alzahra University and are required to be responsible for all of the expenses, tuition fees, accommodation, and welfare services. Tuition fees for non-scholarship students are determined by the university board of directors.

*IMPORTANT. Alzahra University grants few scholarships to talented students each year, to get more information about qualifications please visit to Admission Regulations for Scholarship Non-international Students available on IAC website >> International Admission  >> Regulations

  •          How can I learn more about Iranian and Islamic culture while I’m at Alzahra University?

You are always welcomed in the cultural and social events held for the international students at Alzahra University or in those that Alzahra participates.  

  •          Where do I need to send my high school and academic transcripts?

    Please visit to IAC website >> International Admission >> Required Documents

  •          What scholarships are available from Alzahra University?

    Please visit IAC website >> International Admission >> Regulations

  •          How do I know if my existing bachelor’s or master’s degree is valid in Iran?

    Embassy of Iran in your country is the point of reference in this case. They can assure you if you can continue your studies in higher levels.

  •        Do I need to book my accommodation?

    No, In case of available accommodations for international students, they will be introduced to university dormitory upon meeting the costs.